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Re: [Spoon-business] Proposal Number Two

Quoth Wonko,

> [[This I think would just be useful to have.]]
> {{
> __A bit of Definition: Inventories & Airborne Objects__
> Create:
> {{
> __Carrying Stuff__
> Some Grid Objects may be designated by the rules as carryable. Only Passable
> MOs may be carryable. If a player occupies the same grid location as a
> carryable object, e may pick that object up, in which case the object is
> transferred to eir possession. When a player moves, all eir possessions
> travel with em. Any player holding a carryable object may drop it, in which
> case it leaves eir possession and is placed at the location of the dropping
> player. If a player leaves the grid, e first drops all carryable objects in
> eir possession.
> }}
> Create:
> {{
> __Throwing Stuff__
> If a player has a carryable object in eir possession, e may throw it at any
> Grid location. That object is said to be Airborne, and is not considered to
> be in any Grid location or in Limbo, for two ndays. At the end of the two
> ndays, the following occurs:
> If the square thrown at (the Target) contains an Impassable object, the
> thrown object is placed in a random legal location consecutive to the
> Target. If no such locations exist, the object moves to the nearest legal
> location to the Target.
> If the square thrown at contains a player, and that player has, as an Action
> in a public forum, declared that e will catch the object in question, then
> that player catches the object and it enters eir possession.
> If the square thrown at contains a player, but that player has not declared
> that e will catch the object, then e is hit by the object, losing 1d4 points
> to the player who threw the object, if one exists, or to the Gremlin Fund,
> if not.
> If the square does not contain a player or an impassable object, the object
> moves to the square.
> }}
> }}
I add to the Throwing Stuff potential rule the following sentence:

"If for any reason a Throwable object ceases to be Airborne before two ndays
have passed, the above actions do not occur."


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