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[Spoon-business] Proposal Number Two

[[This I think would just be useful to have.]]

__A bit of Definition: Inventories & Airborne Objects__

__Carrying Stuff__

Some Grid Objects may be designated by the rules as carryable. Only Passable
MOs may be carryable. If a player occupies the same grid location as a
carryable object, e may pick that object up, in which case the object is
transferred to eir possession. When a player moves, all eir possessions
travel with em. Any player holding a carryable object may drop it, in which
case it leaves eir possession and is placed at the location of the dropping
player. If a player leaves the grid, e first drops all carryable objects in
eir possession.

__Throwing Stuff__
If a player has a carryable object in eir possession, e may throw it at any
Grid location. That object is said to be Airborne, and is not considered to
be in any Grid location or in Limbo, for two ndays. At the end of the two
ndays, the following occurs:

If the square thrown at (the Target) contains an Impassable object, the
thrown object is placed in a random legal location consecutive to the
Target. If no such locations exist, the object moves to the nearest legal
location to the Target.

If the square thrown at contains a player, and that player has, as an Action
in a public forum, declared that e will catch the object in question, then
that player catches the object and it enters eir possession.

If the square thrown at contains a player, but that player has not declared
that e will catch the object, then e is hit by the object, losing 1d4 points
to the player who threw the object, if one exists, or to the Gremlin Fund,
if not.

If the square does not contain a player or an impassable object, the object
moves to the square.



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