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[Spoon-business] Use the Force, Luke

[[Here's a solution to the instant resolution bit... I also think there's a
lot of other possiblities with this...]]

__A Powerful Ally__

__May the Force be With You__

A. The Force

Players have an attribute called Force. At the end of each nweek, each
player's Force increases by 5. If at any time a player's Force is greater
than 40, it immediately becomes 40.

B. Force Abilities

A Force Ability is any action players may perform which costs Force. If a
player's Force is less than the cost of a given Force ability, e may not use
that ability.

C. Force Catching

Force Catching is a Force Ability. It costs 4 Force, and must be targeted at
a throwable object that has been thrown at the Catching player's location.
When a player Force Catches an object, that object immediately ceases to be
Airborne and enters the possession of the Catching Player.

Set all players' Forces to 20.


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