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[Spoon-business] Proposal Number Three

__A bit of Definition 2: Elbonian Flights__

Replace rule 351 [[Elbonian Airways]] with:

__Elbonian Airways__

There exist passable SOs called Elbonian Airways. Every square of the Grid
which has x and y coordinates that are both integral multiples of 6 is said
to contain an Elbonian Airways. If a player is in a square which contains an
Elbonian Airways, e may pay 2+2n points to be Thrown Elbonia-Style at any
other square which contains an Elbonian Airways, where n is the 5th Gremlin

The term being Thrown Elbonia-Style with an error of n at a square shall
refer to the following:

The object in question is moved to a square with coordinates
(x+a-n+1,y+b-n+1), where x and y are the x and y coordinates of the square
being Thrown at, and a and b are both 1d(2n+1). If an object, after being
Thrown, ends up on a square which is occupied by an Impassable Object, it
loses 5 points if it is a player and is Thrown at that square.

If an Object, after being Thrown, ends with coordinates that do not
correspond to any Grid square [[i.e. it goes outside the boundaries of the
grid]], it Falls Off the Edge, or Falls. When a player Falls, e loses 10
points and is Thrown at a random Square whose coordinates are both less than
15 but greater than 5, unless e has not landed in a legal square since the
last time e Fell, in which case e loses 8 points and goes into Limbo. When
another object Falls, it is placed on a randomly selected legal grid square.

If no error is specified for an Elbonian Throw, it is assumed to be 2.

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