Glotmorf on 5 Jun 2002 02:57:24 -0000

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spoon-business: Emergency 2.0

Ya know, if we're going to have states of emergency, we should probably name the damn things, so that if someone recognizes one state of emergency but doesn't recognize another, the later emergency isn't recognized by failure to cancel recognition.

Nevertheless, I recognize this new state of emergency.  I helped create it, after all.

I also concur with certain feelings regarding totally levelling the playing field.  The Win rule was written long before Gremlins, Gnomes, DimShips and the like were invented.  The zeroing of all dimensions was supposed to start the game over from an all-things-being-equal standpoint.  Caches of game objects doesn't allow that; the veterans still have an edge.

I therefore advocate the destruction of all Gnomes, all pick-uppable Grid objects other than Gremlins (which have application outside the Grid anyway), and, with reluctance, all DimShips.  Let us all start fresh and new with the current rules...with a modification or two.

Finally...this nweek has been so saturated with Wonko's two Win scams that it hasn't been possible to think of anything else.  So let's just start the nweek over, wipe out the current ballot, discard any CFIs submitted this nweek and go from there.  If the Clock were to restart tomorrow, we'd have a mess of meaningless props and CFIs and one nday to clean it all up in before the voting period.  I submit that this is a Bad Thing.

So.  Mr. A has a refresh proposal from me on file.  I'd like to replace it with the following:

{{ _Glotmorf's R0E2.0 Refresh Prop_

Replace the text of Rule 493 with:


There exists a type of object called a Dimensions Ship, also known as a DimShip.

A DimShip is capable of carrying a Player through DimSpace by taking on virtual dimensional values: Buoyancy (positive virtual value) and Ballast (negative virtual value). A DimShip can take on Buoyancy or Ballast or a combination of the two, in any Dimension or combination of Dimensions.

A Player riding a DimShip does not travel to a specific location in DimSpace; rather, e displaces emself from eir current DimSpace location.  A Player may only ride a single DimShip at a time; the virtual dimensions it generates are based on the Player's real, unmodified dimensions.  A DimShip that is not being ridden is considered to be displaced from the Origin.

Ballast and Buoyancy are each limited to 100. Each can be set to as much as 100, even at the same time, for displacement in single or multiple dimensions. That is, no matter how many dimensions Ballast is gathered for, total Ballast must be less than or equal to 100; same with Buoyancy.

The cost to produce a DimShip is 100 score.

A DimShip, once built, can be launched, which puts it into active use. A DimShip that has been launched can be landed, which takes it out of active use. DimShips can be landed at any time, and must be landed when adding equipment or conducting repairs. A DimShip is automatically landed when its ballast and buoyancy limits are zero. DimShips can be launched at the end of the nweek.

If a player owns a DimShip and has launched it, then rules other than this one that check eir dimension values will check the values of eir virtual dimensions. Rules that change the values of dimensions, though, will change eir real dimensions.


In Rule 635, change all instances of "DimShips can have" to "DimShips can have Equipment called".

Replace the text of Subsection A.7 of Rule 441 with:


There exist objects called Garbage Cans. Garbage Cans are passable, stationary objects. There is a Garbage Can at each Elbonian Airways location. Any player who holds a Gnome and is in a square consecutive to a square that conatains a Garbage Can may Throw Out a Gnome in eir possession, destroying the Gnome and gaining 1 point.


Give Wonko the title, "Lord of the Gnome Scam".

Give Baron von Skippy [[ Wonko couldn't have done it without em ]] and Glotmorf [[ for realizing it in its more insidious form ]] the title, "Knight of the Gnome Scam".

Destroy all DimShips.

Destroy all Gnomes.

Discard all proposals and CFIs made since the end of nweek 16 with no penalty to their submitters.

Set the Clock to nweek 17, nday 1.

Restart the Clock.

}} [[ End of Refresh Prop ]]