David E. Smith on 4 Jun 2002 23:01:10 -0000

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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (APOCALYPSE EDITION) (Tuesday afternoon)

"crash fix" is 760/1.

The Voice rules on CFI 764, then appeals eir own ruling. Whee! The Upper
House selects Rob, Naath, and Baron von Skippy.

"Introducing Physical Law" is 759/2. And it looks a little wonky
(unbalanced braces, "A La Carte Prop" declaration in the middle, and other
oddness that sorta makes it look like it was an edit-in-progress when

Rob's "subtly different" CFI is 767, assigned to bd.

"Less is More: Clubs" is 765/2.

Glotmorf (of the Upper House) rules FALSE on CFI 754.

Glotmorf's "skirting the issue" CFI is 768, assigned to Iain.

Glotmorf rules TRUE on CFI 766.

"DimShip Fixes" is 769/0.

"Yes, you can play with my toys while I'm gone" is 770/0. (M-TEK)

Glotmorf Runs on the Grid. E finds a Shiny Thing!

"Sorry, I'm On Break" is 771/0.

Wonko lands all DimShips, and un-recognizes the Emergency. (5)

Wonko's "DimShips don't work" CFI is 772, assigned to The Voice. (1441)

"Foomp!" is 773/0.

"I'll Make You An Offer You Can't Accept" is 774/0.

The Voice un-recognizes the pending Emergency. (4)

"Hold on a sec there!" is 775/0.

Wonko rules TRUE on CFI 757.

"Repairs - On Leave" is 776/0 (and blatantly illegal, due to its rewriting
of history, and also irrelevant since the rules don't actually say that
coming Off Leave is an Action).

Wonko joins vSOI.

Wonko Wins. Remember, with recycling, everybody Wins! (1474)

The Clock immediately turns off (as of yesterday evening) from the
aforementioned Win.

(I haven't yet zeroed out everyone's dimensions because that'll be a bit
of not-fun. And I've got a couple days to do it. :)

"Fix the *crackle* Game state" is 777/0 (and I'm not sure what it's trying
to accomplish).

"Wonko *buzz* is mad" is 778/0.

"Deflating Recycling" is 779/0.

Glotmorf can't Win right now, as the Clock is Off from Wonko's Win. (1482)
Ditto for Naath (1492), bd (1493), Glotmorf's second attempt (1494), bd's
second attempt (1495)...

Rob recognizes an Emergency (5).
bd recognizes an Emergency (6).
Dan recognizes an Emergency (7).

There's only 13 players, and that's more than half, so Rule Zero fires
off. Holy bleep.

The Administrator throws his hands up in shock and confusion at this