Joel Uckelman on 21 Mar 2002 23:08:25 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: apache

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> Today is my Apache day. I've got it running on my iMac ("Start Web 
> Sharing"... <click>... "Running") so it's working on a basic level and 
> I've got all sorts of documentation and am reading through it, so I'm 
> pretty sure I can get things going.
> I'm wondering about users, though. I'd prefer, I think, to have the main 
> site owned by a specific user, instead of sticking it in the apache 
> directory. And, I can figure out how to do so. But, should I do this, or 
> something like it? That is the situation.
> I prefer the users approach because it helps aggregate most of my changing 
> data under /Users/ (MacOS X's directory structure is kind of funky). 
> Having incomplete sysadmin abilities, I'd like to keep that which is The 
> System separate from that which is The Data of Users. It'll help make 
> backing up easier, for one, and it should keep managing permissions 
> simpler.
> Apache runs as user www. Am I going to run into headaches with PHP, SSL, 
> Tomcat, MySQL, etc., if I have the main site in a user's directory?

I don't recall if I responded to this yet.

The answer is no, I believe. Take a look at the way directories are laid 
out on charybdis---users' sites are under ~/www, and that works fine. Josh, 
the nomic games I host, and I all use PHP and MySQL on our sites. That 
works fine as well.