Jon Stewart on 7 Mar 2002 19:16:18 -0000

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hosers-talk: apache

Today is my Apache day. I've got it running on my iMac ("Start Web 
Sharing"... <click>... "Running") so it's working on a basic level and 
I've got all sorts of documentation and am reading through it, so I'm 
pretty sure I can get things going.

I'm wondering about users, though. I'd prefer, I think, to have the main 
site owned by a specific user, instead of sticking it in the apache 
directory. And, I can figure out how to do so. But, should I do this, or 
something like it? That is the situation.

I prefer the users approach because it helps aggregate most of my changing 
data under /Users/ (MacOS X's directory structure is kind of funky). 
Having incomplete sysadmin abilities, I'd like to keep that which is The 
System separate from that which is The Data of Users. It'll help make 
backing up easier, for one, and it should keep managing permissions 

Apache runs as user www. Am I going to run into headaches with PHP, SSL, 
Tomcat, MySQL, etc., if I have the main site in a user's directory?

Jon Stewart

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