Jeff Schroeder on 7 Dec 2001 04:18:54 -0000

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hosers-talk: redhat versions

Anyone know the real difference between RedHat 6.2 and 7.2? I got 6.2 on my 486 and it seems to be running fine, and I am putting 7.2 on my P2. Other than newer packages and lots of big, pretty programs are there any important differences? Since both are servers, I don't really care about X or gnome or most of that other fancy stuff. I feel it is time to retire the 486 after its glorious rein of service.

I was thinking of going to debian, but since I've always been a redhat guy, the ease of configuration (according to my learning time of pain) caused me to stick with what I know.

I am also putting ext3 on nearly all of my filesystems because it comes with the install, is reiserfs more reliable, though?