Joel Uckelman on 5 Dec 2001 04:27:27 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: web crap

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> What is the magic acronym I need to research in order to give a website a 
> global template (header, side bar, footer, etc.) and have it defined in 
> only one place (as opposed to every page in the site)?
> Does CSS do the job, or does it only do text stuff?
> I just need a point in the right direction.

It's more complicated than that. CSS lets you alter the display properties of elements, but doesn't cause elements to be displayed. If you want a uniform header, define a div.header in your stylesheet for it, and put all the crap that goes in your header at the top of every page.

Maybe there is some better way, but I don't know what it is.