Joel Uckelman on 24 Nov 2001 22:32:10 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: cool

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> > Are you referring to the one with the pneumatic pumpkin chucker, trebuchet,
> > and the target castles? That was a good one. The newer seasons without the 
> > British guy as a co-host aren't nearly as entertaining, since his 
> > replacement's being American cuts down on the use of British slang.
> I'd never seen the show before; it was revealed yesterday that the 
> "American" guy is really a Canuck.
> I know a pumpkin chucker when I see one, and so when I say artillery 
> cannon, I mean artillery cannon. The teams built black powder cannons. One 
> had about a 2.5" diameter, the other one was about 4.5" (it won, despite 
> probably being the less robust cannon). They had a pro do the wiring and 
> they all sat in a bunker when they shot them off.
> It was cool.

Oh, that was one I didn't see last year, then.