Jon Stewart on 24 Nov 2001 20:18:51 -0000

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hosers-talk: Linux on PPC


I got everything to install correctly the first time I tried. Typically, I 
fucked X up (this is to be expected; I am forever fucking X up). Rather 
than try and fix it, since the graphics on my mobo are brain-damaged, I 
decided to re-install. Mind you, even though I'd fucked up X, I still had 
a mostly-functioning linux system.

Since then, I have tried numerous times (in the low dozens) and have not 
been successful yet. Sometimes I'll dump into the monitor immediately. 
Sometimes I'll dump into it further into the boot procedure. Sometimes 
I'll be able to run the graphical installer, sometimes not. One time I 
even started installing actual packages before it hung -- that was 
exciting. I've reformatted my linux drive a couple of times.

I think the instability is due to a combination of Linux PPC constantly 
being behind Linux on x86 -- less developed, less tested -- and the fact 
that my Mac clone uses a brain-damaged mobo, including a brain-damaged 
version of OpenFirmware (it is unsupported under OS X).

I think I may remove my battery, thereby resetting everything. 

Conclusion: prefer Linux on x86 if possible, and use it on well-supported 
PPC models (eg. blue and white G3, ye olde 9600).

It's too bad I'm nowhere near ambitious enough to try to get NetBSD 
running on my system.