Joel Uckelman on 28 Sep 2001 15:15:46 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: ET

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> > Hmm. I thought we were still on CDT. If not, then my "fall back" hour was 
> > stolen from me without my noticing.
> Sheesh. I didn't even know that Central Standard Time referred
> specifically to Daylight Savings Time/Non-Daylight Savings Time thing
> (learning which is which is high on my list of things never to do). I just
> thought it sounded nice.

That's what you get for asking a time-zone geek.

> > What you want to do is put a line like this in your .bash_profile:
> > 
> > TZ="America/New_York"
> > 
> > And add TZ to the export list therein.
> > 
> > That should do it.
> That did the trick. I'll have to give you a job sometime as my linux 
> admin. That is, if the Ph.D. in Coffeeshop Studies doesn't work out.

Heh. Don't say things like that--one of the guys who works at the game shop 
where I go to game night every week was once a phil grad student (at 
Minnesota) who was focusing in logic.