Jeff Schroeder on 9 Sep 2001 01:10:42 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: recommendations

Well this is an extremely difficult decision that really has more to do with personal experience than anything else. I assume this is for a GUI since you are talking about toolkits? If so, Perl is easy to use and learn and port. I am not really a Perl fan because of the performance hit and it sounds like that is important to you. I know that python and tcl/tk are two popular toolkits.

Try this link to see if it can point you into a good direction:


At 08:53 PM 9/8/2001, you wrote:

Let's say I wanted to develop a Linux application using X. Performance
requirements might be kind of extreme; there definitely wouldn't be a
gigahertz proc running it. Anyone know of some good lightweight toolkits?
I wouldn't need anything fancy, just something that would run well in a
demanding environment. And all I need at this point is something to put
down on paper, it's not something I couldn't change my mind about down the