Joel Uckelman on Mon, 26 Jul 2010 07:19:15 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [game-lang] a survey of previous work

Thus spake Simon McGregor:
> This is a colossal, ambitious undertaking. I think one good way to
> start would be to propose specific games which might pose a challenge
> to represent. Then we can ask, do we want to be general enough to
> handle all of them, or do we want to start off with a restricted
> subset and worry about the harder stuff later.
> Poker: patterns which make poker hands
> Schotten-totten: proof that a hand can't be beaten
> Scrabble: English words
> Chess: lines, diagonals, forwards, backwards
> Go: surroundedness
> Hex wargames: line-of-sight, range
> Scrabble: make any English word from your letters

I can think of a few things to add here:

Huge playing surfaces: many wargames

Interrupts: lots of card and card-driven games (e.g., Magic)

Stochastic events: If you do enough damage to an opposing vehicle in Car
  Wars, you can "confetti" it. What this means for game play is that you
  take a predetermined number of debris counters in your hand and drop
  them from a predetermined height onto the map over the place where the
  confettied car exploded.

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