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Re: [eia] [EmpiresInArms] Placing Corps for Kingdom of Italy

    I don't have a strong opinion and am willing to accept this ruling.


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>I can't say I recall the original argument or the logic the decision was 
>based on.
> I was going to say that the ship building rules clearly indicate that 
> Austria can't use the Illyrian port so any ships in progress at time of 
> ceding would become KoI property and afterwards it would not be a port 
> Austria could build at.  However, the KoI rules specifically state that 
> Illyria is not actually ceded when Austria creates the KoI.
> So under those circumstances I would have to agree that while the Illyrian 
> money and manpower no longer go to Austria, Austria still can treat the 
> Illyrian ports as home nation ports where it can build ships.
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