MICHAEL P GORMAN on Sun, 15 Apr 2007 11:11:28 -0700 (MST)

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[eia] French Land Phase

Depot Creation: Strasbourg ($1)

1I at Nuremburg moves to Ulm, picks up the infantry factor and then continues to the moutnains east of Zurich ($2)
1I east of Nuremburg moves to Zurich ($1)
1I north of Nuremburg moves to Stuttgart (f/a)
Napoleon, Murat and 1I at Stuttgart move to Zurich ($1)
1I at Strasbourg moves to Soissons, picks up 2 militia and continues to Cologne ($2)
1I at Paris moves to Dijon, picks up an infantry and returns to Paris ($1)
The other infantry at PAris moves to BOurges, picks up 1I and returns ($1)
1I at Amsterdam moves to Breda, picks up an infantry and moves back to Amsterdam and then to engage Bennigsen ($1)
Soult and the Dutch infantry drop 1 factor at Amsterdam and move to engage Bennigsen (f/a)

Total Cost :$10

Battles East of Zurich, East of Amsterdam and potentially at Zurich as well as the siege at Paris
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