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Re: [eia] untitled

I think the point is that several of us are becoming concerned for the 
continued existence of the campaign.  Some players have said in the past that 
the game would be unplayable (by which I understood them to mean that it 
wouldn't be worth playing) if it became a real-time game.  The December turn, I 
believe, went over three weeks, which was disheartening.  Now the January turn 
has almost two weeks in, and we haven't gotten through the political phase.  
Very worrying.  So while I don't agree with Jim flying off the handle, I share 
his concerns.  Maybe whatever negotiations are going on right now simply cannot 
be resolved at this time, regardless of how logical each side's point of view 
seems to them.  I can't tell you how many times this happened between me and 
Danny.  :-)


Quoting Joel Uckelman <uckelman@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Thus spake "James Helle":
> > Well, I've checked my email every day for the last week and a half to see
> if
> > any progress has been made.  So far I've been disappointed on a regular
> > basis.
> > 
> > Since my reinforcement phase is the last one and it will likely take Joel
> > and Nate another two weeks to "consult" each other on what they should do
> in
> > their reiforcements (after they waste another week in "diplomacy") I will
> > check back in a few weeks.  Talk to y'all later.
> Look, first of all, I haven't been home since last Saturday. Second, Nate
> and I are not just sitting on our hands like you seem to imply. Just because
> you're not doing anything at the moment, it doesn't follow that nothing is
> happening.
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