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[eia] Russian Movement Phase, December 1806

Depot removal: Corfu, Alexandretta
Depot creation: Grodno, N of Damascus ($2)

1I at Brest-Litovsk -> Konigsberg ($4, Grodno)
2I SE of Brest-Litovsk -> SW of Brest-Litovsk ($4, B-L)
Kutusov, 1I SE of Brest-Litovsk -> Thorn (eats Prussian depot)
Bennigsen, 1I SE of Brest-Litovsk -> Warsaw ($2, B-L)
1C SE of Brest-Litovsk holds (auto)
1I SE of Brest-Litovsk holds (4-)

Bagration, 2I, 1C 2 areas E of Alexandretta -> Damascus ($6)
cossack at Acre -> Damascus
1I N of Damascus holds ($1)

Alexander, 1I NW of Alexandretta -> S of Trabizond ($2)
cossack at Alexandretta -> S of Trabizond

1I at Trabizond holds (3-)
1I at Alexandretta holds (3-)
1I S of Kiev holds (auto)
1I at Ekaterinoslav holds (auto)
1I at St. Petersburg (auto)
cossack at Galatz holds

Total cost: $21

This results in a battle at Damascus, since the Turks are too numerous
to entirely retire into the city, and sieges at Warsaw and Konigsberg.

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