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[s-d] Dipnomicy move 1 report


The adjudication for the first turn is done.
A copy of the move report follows, and is on the dipnomicy website.
The gamestate after that move is here:

Move report:

All moves completed successfully.
Turkey did not submit moves or a proposal.

A Bud -- Ser
A Vie -- Bud
F Tri -- Alb

A Lvp -- Edi
F Edi -- NRG
F Lon -- NTH

F Bre -- MID
A Par -- Pic
A Mar H

A Mun -- Ruh
A Ber -- Kie
F Kie -- Den

F Nap -- ION
A Ven -- Tri
A Rom -- Ven

F StP -- BOT
F Sev -- Rum
A Mos -- Sev
A War -- Sil

F Ank H
A Con H
A Smy H

Presented in a random order.

P1: Support actions

[This is a basically the same as support from the original game, but
without a mechanism for cutting support. - Sec. Gen.]

Enact the following mutable rule:
A support action causes a unit to stay in the territory it holds and
affects the adjudication of a specified hold action in an adjacent
territory or a specified, legal move action to an adjacent territory
as follows. For a move action, if the adjacent territory is currently
unoccupied, and no other move action would cause the move action to be
contested, the move action occurs as otherwise stated in the rules; if
the territory is currently occupied, and there is no move action by a
unit  occupying that territory that would leave it unoccupied, or
there is another move action — whether supported or not — into the
specified territory, the action is contested and must be adjudicated
by tallying the number of units involved in the specified action for
each side. A unit is said to be involved in a specified action, if a
legal move or hold move has been submitted for the unit, or a legal
support move has been submitted for the unit. If there is a clear
numerical victor on any side, that action is the victor. If there is
no clear numerical victor on any side, the defender is the victor in
the event of a hold action, otherwise all involved move actions fail.
If a move action is adjudicated the victor against an occupied
territory, the player whose unit was occupying the territory must
submit a legal move action removing the defending unit from the
territory before the start of the next turn or the unit will be
disbanded and removed from play. The Secretary General will provide a
reasonable period of time for all such players to submit moves for
those units.

P2: Supply centres

[This operates almost exactly the same as supply centres in the
original game. - Sec. Gen.]

Enact the following mutable rule:
Supply centres in a country's home territories (specified below) are
initially owned by that country. Each player has one unit per owned
supply centre. After every even numbered turn (hereafter known as
Autumn), and before every odd numbered turn (hereafter known as
Spring), except for the first turn, there will be an Upkeep phase. In
the Upkeep phase, each country first becomes the sole owner of any
supply centres in territories occupied by their units. Then, if a
player has more supply centres than units that player shall submit to
Secretary General a report specifying the units to be created in that
player's home territories. If an eligible player fails to submit a
valid report for unit creation, no units are created in that player's
home territories. If a player has fewer supply centres than units,
that player shall submit to the Secretary General a report specifying
the units to be disbanded; those units shall be removed from play
after the Upkeep phase but before the next Spring turn. If a player
fails to submit a valid report for unit disbandment, the required
number of units are disbanded by the Secretary General, in
alphabetical order according to the names of territories occupied by
the player's units. The home territories for each country are
specified below:
AUSTRIA: Vienna, Budapest, Trieste
ENGLAND: Edinburgh, Liverpool, London
FRANCE: Brest, Paris, Marseilles
GERMANY: Berlin, Kiel, Munich
ITALY: Naples, Roma, Venice
RUSSIA: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sevastopol, Warsaw
TURKEY: Constantinople, Ankara, Smyrna

P3: More supply centres

[Hmm... I wonder how Turkey, France and Germany will like this rule.
Not that supply centres do anything yet, unless P2 is passed.]

Enact the following mutable Rule:
The following territories are Home Supply Centers for the indicated Countries:
Finland, Livonia (Russia)
Albania, Tyrolia (Austria)
Tuscany, Apulia (Italy)
York, Wales (England)

P4: Mobile fleets

Enact the following mutable rule:
Fleets may make two consecutive move actions in a single turn provided
they make no other actions that turn and do not end their turn in a
territory with a supply center. This rule takes precedence over rule

P5: Speed up the game (and clarify the deadline)

Enact a mutable rule:
The deadline for move submissions for a given turn is three days after
the last move report.  Late submissions are not counted.

P6: Merging units

Enact the following mutable rule:
Every unit has a size, initially 1. A merge action removes a unit from
the board and increases the size of another unit by 1. It may be
notated "Me [unit removed] [unit embiggened]". For a merge action to
be legal, the size of the units being merged must be equal, and the
units must occupy adjacent territories. Rule 23 notwithstanding, if
multiple units attempt to move into a territory simultaneously, and
one of the units has a greater size than all the others, that unit
succeeds in moving.
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