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Re: [s-d] [s-b] DIS: Re: BUS: Re: Y'know, B Nomic doesn't have any second-class persons...

2009/6/21 Craig Daniel <teucer@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Perhaps gratuitously, I observe that as the digraph "ou" is not
> actually valid in Lojban, the name ".deivyd.sloud." (Warrigal's
> attempted Lojbanization of the name 'David slowed his pace slightly as
> his ears,") is malformed and thus under the contract's own
> self-amendment rules his changes have not in fact taken effect.
> However, as any Lojban text they inserted into it was subsequently
> removed (noted below), I don't believe this is relevant.

"ou" is not a valid diphthong, meaning it's split into syllables:
.deivyd.slo,ud. Given this, of course, .deivyd.slod. probably would
have been a better Lojbanization.

"David slowed his pace slightly as his ears, protruding as they were,
kept snagging on the foliage."
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