Jamie Dallaire on Sun, 17 Feb 2008 15:51:34 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Is this really Urgent?

On Feb 17, 2008 5:43 PM, 0x44 <bnomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Charles submitted a Refresh Proposal at 20:38 UTC.

Hmmmm. I was going to say it hadn't reached the public forum but then
this is the emergency forum, a whole different beast, so I guess 4E41
doesn't apply. Man, this emergency procedure is well designed! ;-)

That said I don't think 4E41 is all there is to this, based in part on
your own comments, 0x44, so I'll still wait and see if anyone has
anything else to add to RPs other than Ivan Hope's blank one, hehe.

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