Jamie Dallaire on Fri, 15 Feb 2008 09:59:30 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Manslaughter?

On 2/15/08, Mike McGann <mike.mcgann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I say we summon the following to take the stand: The Beast, Billy Pilgrim,
> pikhq's Rapier, and Roger Clemens.

As (I believe) the only sentient being among the subpoenaed, I submit
that the Beast is incapable of independent thought and is thus
certainly not guilty of Murder. He may, however, be held to have
performed multiple counts of Manslaughter (4 active alive players, 1
active undead player, and the entire horde) without actually violating
the ban on attacking the horde (it cannot be shown with certainty that
he has caused a "reduction" in their hit points). Unfortunately, the
Beast may not be prosecuted, for he is not a Player.

We could, certainly, prosecute Billy Pilgrim for having created the
Beast, but we must realize that he did so with the explicit accord of
all the Players who voted For the creation of the Beast and of the
Random Rule Destruction Trick.

In order to better prosecute the actual, single party guilty of
Manslaughter, I submit the following Proposal, entitled "Animal

At the end of Rule 4E4 (Joining and Leaving), add the following sentence:
Notwithstanding any requirements that would deny it this status, in
this Rule or any other, The Operantly Conditioned Beast is to be
considered an Outsider and a Player.

In Rule 4E71 (Operant Conditioning), replace the following text:
The Operantly Conditioned Beast (aka The Beast or The OCB) is a Game
Object capable of taking certain Game Actions, known as Tricks*. The
OCB is a COO and a DOO.

* This Rule takes precedence over Rule 4E7 in that Tricks are Game
Actions despite not being defined individually by the Rules.
by the following:
The Operantly Conditioned Beast (aka The Beast or The OCB) is an
Outsider and a Player. The Beast perfoms Game Actions in one of two

- Any given Player may, once per nweek, as a Game Action with no
objection in two rdays, cause the Beast to take a single Game Action.

- The Beast is also capable of causing certain changes to the state of
the Game, which are specified in Tricks*. Tricks are randomly
performed on a fixed schedule (see below), and no Player may cause the
Beast to perform a Trick as a Game Action.

Set the Beast's macks to 50.
Set the Beast's Score to 0.
Set the Beast's Vote Power to 1.
Set the Beast's DNA to 52.
Set the Beast's Mental State to Calm.

Billy Pilgrim
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