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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Consultation 105.

Roger Hicks wrote:
> Hmm...this does present a problem. You deny it's existance, yet if it 
> does exist you will be obligated to answer it.
Both the proposal referred to by notConsultation 105, and 
notConsultation 105 alluded to Rule 4e41. Per 4e41, both must be 
disregarded and treated as if they had never reached the Public Forum. 
Further, you included the text of both in the assignment to me, which 
means I was never assigned the Consultation that does not exist. So, not 
only does the Proposal /not/ exist, but the Consultation doesn't, /and/ 
I haven't been assigned as Priest. Rule 4e2 is pretty clear on that.
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