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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Proposal: Fix Convictions

I like it. Some comments:

On 2/11/08, Justin Ahmann <quesmarktion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> {
> Amend Rule 4E54 to read as follows:
> {
> The rules may make certain Game Actions or gamestates involving a Player
> as Crimes by defining them as one of the subcategories of Crimes--Felonies
> or Misdemeanors.
> An Offense is a single instance of a Player being so involved in a Crime.
> A Player is Guilty of an Offense if a Jury has Decided so.  If a Player is
> Guilty of an Offense, and his Punishment has not been Assigned for that
> Offense, the Judge is obligated to Assign the Punishment, which must be
> greater than or equal in severity to the Minimum Punishment for the Crime
> and less than or equal in severity to the Maximum Punishment for the Crime.
> Any Player can, with 4 Support, declare a Punishment to be UNFAIR and
> reduce it to the Minimum Punishment for the Crime in question.
> When not otherwise specified, the Minimum Punishment for a Misdemeanor
> shall be a fine of m1 and the Maximum Punishment a fine of m50.
> When not otherwise specified, the Minimum Punishment for a Felony shall be
> a fine of m25 and the Maximum Punishment a fine of m500.
> A fine consists of the amount of the fine being deducted from the Guilty
> Player's mackerel.
> }
> Create a new Rule, entitled "Since We're not Using the Word..." with the
> following text:
> {
> A Quorum is a Game Document, which may be submitted at any time.  It
> consists of
> * An Accusation, which is a Crime
> * An Example, which is an Offense of the Accusation that occured no more
> than one nweek before the time of submission of the Quorum
> * An Offender, which is the Player allegedly involved in the Example
> criminally

presumed/alleged offender? see also that wording in priority assignation
below. innocent until proven guilty.

* A Tidbit, which is either the word "cheese" or the numeral "3"

what about creampuff?

Reasoning clarifying the intent of the Quorum may also be submitted.
> }
> Create a new Rule, entitled "The Judge" with the following text:
> {
> There exists a Ministry called the Ministry of Judging.  The Minister of
> Judging, also known as the Judge, is responsible for maintaining a Public
> Display of all Quorums and their outcomes.
> When a Quorum is submitted, the Judge becomes obligated to randomly select
> a Jury.  To select a Jury, the Judge follows the following procedure (or an
> equivalent one):
> (1) Assign all Active Players a priority of 1.  Assign the Judge and the
> Player who submitted the Quorum a priority of 1/2.  Assign the Offender a
> priority of 0.  Assign all members of The Horde a priority of 0.

should the player who submitted the quorum have 1/2 or zero?

(2) If there are at least three Players with a priority of 1, select a
> random group of three of them to be the Jury and exit the procedure.
> (3) If any Players have nonintegral priority, round each Player's priority
> up to the nearest integer and repeat step 2.
> (4) Place all Active Players on the Jury.

this is the case where there is only 1 or 2 active players... I was going to
say that maybe we just shouldn't have these if there aren't any more active
players than that because it could lead to abuse, but then such a situation
would be much more open to abuse by the oracularities and proposals systems

Each member of the Jury shall deliver an answer to the Public Forum.  If a
> majority of the members of the Jury deliver answers of "GUILTY", the Jury
> Decides the Offender to be Guilty.
> When the Judge Assigns a Punishment, he applies the Punishment to the
> Guilty Player.
> }
> }
> Codae

Billy Pilgrim
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