Ed Murphy on Sun, 10 Feb 2008 23:04:26 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] A couple quick thoughts

Billy Pilgrim wrote:

> I should be working right now,

Weekend jobs bad.

> - What do you think is, generally, the incidence of a ruleset increasing in
> size on the ease with which it can be twisted/manipulated into a
> dictatorship style situation for one player? (gets easier, gets harder, no
> change)

Instinct says "gets easier".  Some corner of the ruleset receives too
little attention, someone twists it, and maybe if you're lucky some
other corner of the ruleset will turn out to block it by accident.

> - Back when there was much discussion about quantum states and such, I
> thought of an amusing name for a potential proposal: "Schrodinger's Catnip
> vs. Opium for the Masses". But I haven't been able to think of an actual
> proposal to go with that name, so I'm throwing it out there in case it gives
> anyone an idea. What I had been thinking would be that it could be
> conceivable to have some rule that dictates that players with a certain
> temperament (if that RFC had been implemented) subscribe to the more
> schrodinger's catnip interpretation of the game and so can exist/act in
> multiple quantum states at a time (this would require the game officially
> recognizing such quantum states somehow... multiverse-nomic?). Players with
> another type of temperament exist/act more along the lines of opium for the
> masses (religious conviction to a single interpretation) and can only
> exist/act in a single quantum state at a time (is it picked for them? do
> they get to choose whenever there is a split? dunno). Now, what the gameplay
> implications of such a move would be (what happens when the gamestates
> collapse?) and how it could NOT be a giant headache beyond me. But if that
> stirs up anyone's creativity...

It might work if you contained it within a new Field Match or something
like that.  Let it cascade out to the points/mackerel/Devices/HP tangle
and it'd quickly become a huge mess.  (Note that you could still have
e.g. a mackerel fee for performing an action within the FM, provided
that the same amount is paid in all quantum states under consideration.)
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