Ed Murphy on Sun, 10 Feb 2008 19:48:41 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Full Historian catchup

Billy Pilgrim wrote:

> OK, I will check out those mack/HP differences when I have time (prob.
> tomorrow) but what jumps out at me right now is that:
> - i haven't updated the page since... yesterday morning or so? or the night
> before? that should explain some of the differences such as ivan's hp.

I've already backed out the stuff that happened after your last
update, and noted what differences remained after that point.

> - my own hp being higher in my display than yours may be due to my having
> counted the hp i regained from my undead puppet (hose) gnawing people (i get
> hp boosts corresponding to whatever hp he removes from people). conversely
> he gains an hp for gnawing and i might have forgotten to add a few of those
> (i think he also gnawed since my last update).

Ooh, I missed the first sentence of 4E67.  That definitely
accounts for at least some of the HP differences.

This is why I proposed splitting up the MoS.  Keeping track
of that many attributes is insane.

> - some of those players like triller and hobojoe i have 50 mack for because
> they had 1 "stolen" by 0x44, bringing them to 49. I then gave them
> 0.5macks, which later triggered Wooble to (via future action) give
> each of them
> 0.5 macks at the end of some nweek or other (137?). back to 50.

I thought that stuff had already been accounted for?  Anyway, I
suggest papering over these minor differences with a ratification.

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