Antonio Dolcetta on Wed, 6 Feb 2008 12:21:56 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] B-Chess v1.3

On 6 Feb 2008, at 19:12, Roger Hicks wrote:

> On Feb 6, 2008 6:03 AM, Antonio Dolcetta  
> <antonio.dolcetta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I wish to amend my proposal B-Chess v1.2 thusly:
>> [[ Incorporated Hose's suggestion for less randomness in placing new
>> objects. I had to use a new Field Object type for this, because
>> otherwise it might have been possible for a player to move a piece
>> into the unoccupied square selected by the purchasing player before
>> the piece could be actually placed on the field. This way you
>> immediately get a dumb immobile Placeholder piece, and morph it when
>> it's already on the field. Comments and more suggestions welcome. ]]
> I don't see why this is necessary. Remember that the invokable action
> does not take place until the field is turned by the referee, so the
> ref can both place the piece and determine what it is at the same
> time.
> BobTHJ

Suppose there is only one unoccupied square next to your king, and  
you purchase.
Before the new piece is placed on the board I move a piece into that  

what happens ?

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