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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Proposal: No Rocks Being Thrown, But Need Bodyguards

Can you cease to be a Bodyguard?


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Subject: [s-b] Proposal: No Rocks Being Thrown, But Need Bodyguards

I submit this proposal:

[[these are not being used and the level 7 bit is wholly inappropriate now
that we have more points]]

The Blueprint named "Riot Corps" ceases to exist.
The Blueprint named "Intifada" ceases to exist.
Any device or devices named "Plexiglass Wall" cease to exist.
Any device or devices named "Rock" cease to exist.

[[just to make some references more convenient...]]

In Rule 4E24 (RPG), add a paragraph that reads:
The word "damage" is synonymous with the loss of one Hit Point. Thus, for
example, "dealing someone 3 damage" means causing him to lose 3 Hit Points,
while "taking 1 damage" means losing 1 Hit Point.

Create a new Rule, named "Bodyguards", that reads:
There is a List Attribute "Bodyguards" with a scope of all Players who are
Alive, a range of all Active Players who are not Dead, a MinLength of 0, a
MaxLength of the number of Active Player who are not Dead minus one, and a
default value of {}.

A Player whose name is an Article in another Player's Bodyguards List
Attribute may be referred to as that Player's Bodyguard. A Player who is not
Dead may, as a Game Action, become a Bodyguard of another Player who is

In any given rday, 1 damage dealt to a Player is instead taken by the
rightmost Bodyguard in his Bodyguards List Attribute. The next damage dealt
to that Player is taken by the next Bodyguard to the left and so on, until
each of his Bodyguards have received 1 damage. Only subsequent damage is
taken by the Player in question.

Dependency: Proposal 326

Billy Pilgrim
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