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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Make Your Vote Count!

How does the Conglomerate increase personal vote power?


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Subject: [s-b] Make Your Vote Count!

Ballotday is almost upon us. As anyone who paid even the slightest bit
of attention is aware, the Knights who say B dominated last nweek.
Don't let your voice be drowned out by this secretive faction! Make
your vote count. Join the Conglomerate and give your allegiance. The
contract of the Conglomerate ensures equality for all its members,
while at the same time increasing their personal vote power through
the faction system. We welcome any player with open arms.

BobTHJ, Trustee of the Conglomerate

PS: For reference, here is the text of the Conglomerate agreement:

1. The name of this agreement is The Conglomerate.

2. Any player of B Nomic may become party to this agreement as a Game
Action. Any party to this agreement may leave it as a Game Action.

3. Influence is an attribute with a scope of all parties to this
agreement, a range of all non-negative integers, and a default of 0.
When a party gives their allegiance to The Conglomerate their
Influence is incremented by 1.

4. At the beginning of each nweek any party whose Influence is greater
than the current number of parties to this agreement has their
Influence decremented by 1.

5. The Trustee is responsible for maintaining the Conglomerate.
Initially the Trustee is BobTHJ.

6. Approval is an attribute with a scope of all proposals currently in
their voting period, a range of all rational numbers, and a default of
0. At the beginning of the third day of any voting period the Trustee
shall examine the ballots submitted by parties to The Conglomerate.
For each party that submitted a ballot, for each proposal on that
ballot, if the party's most recent vote on that proposal is FOR the
Trustee shall increase that proposal's Approval by that party's
Influence. If the party's must recent vote on that proposal is AGAINST
the Trustee shall decrease that proposal's Approval by that party's

7. Once the Approval of each proposal has been tallied as described in
Section 6, the Trustee shall submit a ballot on behalf of The
Conglomerate. For each proposal, if that proposal's Approval is
positive the Trustee shall submit a vote of FOR. If the proposal's
Approval is negative the Trustee shall submit a vote of AGAINST. If
the proposal's Approval is zero the Trustee shall submit a vote of

8. This agreement may be amended by the Trustee with the majority
consent of the parties.

9. If The Conglomerate is not currently a Faction of B Nomic, and it
meets the requirements to become a Faction, the Trustee may act on The
Conglomerate's behalf to cause it to become a Faction of B Nomic.
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