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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Assigning Consultation

On Jan 10, 2008 3:34 PM, Geoffrey Spear <geoffspear@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In a stunning act of judicial activism, my Oracularity will apply the
> same logic to pikhq's rapier.
> Oracularity:
> {
> There exists a non-unique Blueprint called "Mutation Ray Blueprint" as
> follows:
> {{
>    Device: Mutation Ray
>    Price: m250
>    Power: Don't try to out-weird me, Three-Eyes.
>    Effect: One character of a Player's DNA string is altered to the
> character of the Owner's choice. Conditions: Target Player must be
> alive, and the target Player may not have the same DNA at the time of
> use. The Mutation Ray has not been used within six rdays.
>    Trigger: Game Action by Owner, clearly indicating the target of the
> Ray, the old two-character DNA string, and the new two-character DNA
> string.
> }}
> /*In the interest of not requiring the tracking of irrelevant objects
> that can't affect gameplay */
> Any Mutation Rays that aren't owned by Players are destroyed.
> The Rapier that was formerly owned by pikhq is destroyed, and mackerel
> holdings of any players who purported to purchase it from the implicit
> DOO or subsequent owners are reverted.  Any damage it's purported to
> have done is healed.
> In Rule 4E35, append to the 3rd paragraph the sentence "Any Device
> whose Owner ceases to be a DOO is destroyed."
> }
> --Priest Wooble

Please note that this Oracularity was pondered as is a couple days ago. No
more ghost object problems, and a RULE CHANGE to boot!

Also, I don't think any mackerel holdings are affected by this... Please
correct me if I'm wrong so I can update that display.

The Ministry of Time also advises you that Consultations 71 and 80 became
pondered at the end of nday 6.

MoS/T Billy Pilgrim
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