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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Hose's Refresh Proposal

Can this go down as the only war never declared which was simultaneously 
lost by both sides?


Mike McGann wrote:
> I submit the following Refresh Proposal:
> {{
> Set the Clock to nday 1, nweek 134, nyear 14, third era of B Nomic.
> Set all game state to what the game state was on nday 1, nweek 134,
> nyear 14, third era of B Nomic.
> Create a Game Object called the "Circle of Protection". This object
> has no additional effect on the state of the game but Players are
> strongly encouraged to be cooperative in fixing any necessary rules,
> to only participate in fixing rules, and to not play competitively
> until this object ceases to exist. If a State of Emergency is declared
> while the Circle of Protection exists, all Players shall be awarded a
> trophy named the "Trophy of Shame".
> }}
> [[Simple, restarts the game, lets normal processes fix things. Yes,
> new players will have to re-register but that should not be a problem.
> Why go to war when were are more than capable of breaking our own
> game?]]
> - Hose
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