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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Reassignment of Consultations

Consultation 21

    * Supplicant: Wonko
    * Assigned to: Zach


Humans cannot join B Nomic. True or False?

Supplicant's reasoning

One requirement for joining the game is that you be able to "pass the
Turing Test". However, "the Turing Test" is clearly defined as a
specific test for determining whether an artificial intelligence can
successfully masquerade as a human. It follows that the only way a
player can join is if e can demonstrate that e is A) an artificial
intelligence, and B) indistinguishable from a human. However, if B) is
true, then by definition there is no way to demonstrate A. It follows
that nobody can become a player.

It nearly follows that there are no players and thus no game. However,
several nyears ago a rule was created called the Statute of
Limitations that retroactively legalized any statement made by the
Administrator after 10 ndays passed with no objections. The
Administrator (David E. Smith, at the time) referred to my existence
as a player numerous times during this period. As I am the only player
who has been playing continuously since before the repeal of the
Statute of Limitations, it follows that I am currently the only player
of B Nomic.

Hmm. I would say that this is "TRUE" EXCEPT that recently my "Turing
Test Disambiguation" passed. So, at the time that this was asked, the
answer was TRUE, but the answer is now FALSE.

Which brings up a dilemma. Assuming that:
A) at the time that this consultation was submitted, Humans could not
join B.Nomic, and
B) I am a human, and
C) all-but-one of the voting populace of the Nomic are human (we have
one self-willed non-human, last I checked), and
D) Humans NEVER WERE able to join B.Nomic (explanation below)
then no one (except for our non-human self-willed organism) has ever
joined, By this logic, no rules have ever passed. Also by this logic,
neither the supplicant, Oracle, nor I are players, so this email
doesn't need to be written.

So, for the sake of everyone's sanity, I say that Humans ARE NOW and
HAVE ALWAYS BEEN able to join this game.

My (final) answer is FALSE.

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