Antonio Dolcetta on Fri, 22 Jun 2007 08:18:43 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] DIS: Extending the call

Most Honourable Agora,

I write to you not as a holder of any office, but simply as a Player of 
B Nomic, which as of 14/06/2007 has become a protectorate of Agora.
Let me start by stating that personally I am not opposed to the idea of 
being protected by Agora, it is evident to me that up to now Agora's 
involvement has had positive effects on B Nomic. However I fully 
understand and support my fellow B Nomic player's opposition to both the 
form of Rule 1 and the manner in which it was forced undemocratically on 
an unsuspecting playerbase.

I am convinced a future of mutual friendship between the fine 
institutions of Agora and B Nomic is entirely possible, and to this end 
I would humbly ask that Agora players refrain from registering en-masse 
in B until at least Monday 25th of the current month, when the current 
voting will be over, for I fear such an action would only exacerbate an 
already tense relationship and possibly initiate a unsavoury escalation 
of hostilities.

With kindest regards

Antonio Dolcetta
Player of B Nomic

Roger Hicks wrote:
> Urgent message from the Ambassador:
> There is an element in B Nomic that is opposed to Agora's benevolent
> governing. It is only natural for citizens of B Nomic to be scared:
> Their nomic has been taken under Agora's wing and revived with a
> flurry of activity. However, some would send Agora off without even
> giving us the chance to demonstrate our benevolence to our first
> protectorate.
> I therefore extend a call to any Players who would be willing to
> become dual-citizens of Agora and B-Nomic, and help to influence the
> populace of B by voting against the proposals that would so quickly
> take B Nomic away from Agora's protecting arms....something that could
> prove truly disastrous for B Nomic in the long run.
> I request that you hear my call and aid the fragile B Nomic in its hour 
> of need.
> Ambassador BobTHJ

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