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Re: [s-d] New Player - Primo

> I'm fairly sure the issue has come up before, but I can't recall if there
> was ever a CFI or CFJ on it. I know for a while we had a player who wasn't
> actually human (ANPU, the Automatic Nomic Playing Unit), but we never
> found out exactly what it was, since it never did anything beyond
> requesting to join. For all I know, it really was human.
> We've had at least one instance of one person secretly being two players
> (Mithrandir was the same person as the Baron von Skippy), but Mithrandir
> didn't do a lot, and then the game broke and fell into disrepair anyway so
> nobody ever did anything about it.
> It's unlikely that there's any useful judgment in the distant past,
> because IIRC, when we started off the rules specified that a player had to
> be a real person. I think we dropped that requirement after an argument
> about whether that was knowable (and whether one could evict everyone from
> the game unless they devised a way to prove to another that they exist,
> which is philosophically difficult).

Hmm... an interesting quandry...
Since the CEO is requesting that the corporation join, E is speaking
for the corp. In order for the CEO to speak for the corp, E must have
had a corporate vote that passed for whatever E wishes to say or do.

We could make ourselves a nuisance by requiring that any post made by
groups contain a record of the votes for and/or against that
particular message being sent. As in, individual emails or messages.
With a CC sent to eir equivalent of a public forum.

I will try writing this up later today.
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