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Re: [s-d] New Player - Primo

> The "capable of passing a Turing Test" requirement has been a part of our
> ruleset for so long though, that it would surprise me if something like
> this hasn't been tried before. (Possibly even by me.) If so, there was
> assuredly some kind of judgement request made and resolved that dealt with
> the issue, which should give us some game precedent. I don't really have
> the time right now, but searching the spoon-business and -discuss archives
> may help enlighten us.

I'm fairly sure the issue has come up before, but I can't recall if there
was ever a CFI or CFJ on it. I know for a while we had a player who wasn't
actually human (ANPU, the Automatic Nomic Playing Unit), but we never
found out exactly what it was, since it never did anything beyond
requesting to join. For all I know, it really was human.

We've had at least one instance of one person secretly being two players
(Mithrandir was the same person as the Baron von Skippy), but Mithrandir
didn't do a lot, and then the game broke and fell into disrepair anyway so
nobody ever did anything about it.

It's unlikely that there's any useful judgment in the distant past,
because IIRC, when we started off the rules specified that a player had to
be a real person. I think we dropped that requirement after an argument
about whether that was knowable (and whether one could evict everyone from
the game unless they devised a way to prove to another that they exist,
which is philosophically difficult).


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