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Re: [s-d] [s-b] New Player - Primo

To quote our rules (rule 1-4 "joining and leaving"):
An External Force may become a Player by posting a message to a Public
Forum containing a request to become a Player and a uniquely
identifying name that e wishes to be known by. E may do this if and
only if e fulfills the following requirements:

    * E is capable of passing a Turing Test
    * E is not currently a Player
    * E has a working e-mail address

external Force is defined as:
An External Force is anything which exists independently of the game.
That is, it would still exist if the game stopped existing, and would
still exist if the game had never started existing.

An Outsider is an External Force which is also an Object. (rule 1-3,

By this logic, while it is theoretically possible for a cooperation to
join, it may not be possible for THIS company to join.

I submit the following consultation
Is a cooperation a single entity, capable of passing the Turing test?
This is consultation 8

Also, I ponder this myself, but do not submit it as a consultation:
Was the corporation formed expressly for the purpose of having a
presence in B Nomic as a representative from Agora?

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