bd_ on Tue, 19 Jun 2007 13:48:13 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Player Creation Request

On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 03:44:01PM -0400, comex wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 June 2007, Aaron Coquet wrote:
> > Game Action: Create Player Zach
> > Game Action: set Zach to Active
> >
> > Is this sufficient to create myself as a player?
> Sufficient but not necessary, as the second action is invalid.

Incidentally, comex, where is your PGP public key? It's not on a any
kewservers I know, and there's this annoying gnupg delay whenever I open
any of your messages while it goes to look for it :)

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