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Re: [s-d] [s-b] help please: true, false, yes, no

> > So I have to answer "true" or "false" to these yes/no questions....
> That certainly seems to have been the precedent... See Consultation 2 by
> Wonko.

Well, Wonko answered 2 "True (really, yes)" - but only true or false have
any meaning within the rules; and answering true or false to a yes/no
question has no meaning in English.  So in fact the consultation has not
been answered in any way that affects the game - if you take the rules

Didn't someone propose something along the lines of "true = yes", "false =
no" - which would have legitimised the whole thing?  I can't find it
anywhere on the web site, though.

(This raises an interesting philosophical point, BTW: I believe that the
rules only have the meaning that we all consent to give them.  What the
rules actually say is irrelevant; only what we all agree that they say.
But, frankly, I'd rather we all agreed that the rules say what they actually
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