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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Amended Proposal "Rule Tag"

##A few thoughts interspersed.
On 12/15/06, shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx <shadowfirebird@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Amended Proposal "Rule Tag":

> Create a new rule "Elements":
> {{
> There is an attribute "element".  Its scope is all players; its range
> is the following list of values: "Earth", "Air", "Fire",  "Water"; its
> default value is "Earth".
> Players may change their element once per nweek; this is an "element
> change" game action.
> Only one element change game action can be made by a player in an
> nweek; subsequent such declarations in the same nweek will be ignored.
> Element change game actions must be made before the end of nday 9.
> [[So that the rule tag moderator has a chance to do his thing.]]
> }}

## How about changing that to the end of nday8/beginning of nday9, as
with proposals?

> Create a new rule "Rule Tag":
> {{
> A "rule tag object" is a game object.  It can be referred to as an
> "RTO".  Each RTO has a unique name.
> There is an attribute "rule tag location".  Its scope is all players
> and all RTO's.  Its range consists of the list of rule numbers, and
> the value "null".  Its default value is null.
> The rule tag location may be referred to as the "RTL".  The rule
> pointed to by an RTL may be referred to as the "RTL rule".
> Players with an RTL of null are not currently playing the game of rule tag.
> A "rule tag action" is a game action which forms part of the game of rule tag.
> All rule tag actions must be made before the end of nday 9.  [[To give
> the rule tag moderator a chance.]]

##Again, Beginning of nday9?

> All rule tag actions may be made by emailing the rule tag moderator
> with a subject line starting "[rule tag]". This is in addition to the
> normal method of declaring them on the public forum.

##This is ambiguous... Should RTAs be made on the public forum AND
emailed to the moderator? Can RTAs be made on the forum without
emailing the moderator, or by emailing the moderator with out
mentioning them on the public forum? I suggest it says one or the
other, or explicitly either (I dont have strong feelings, I just feel
it is best to be clear!)

> Each player may only make one rule tag action of each type.

## Only one RTA of each type ever??? or per nweek ;)

>Only the
> last rule tag action ey makes of a given type shall be counted as
> having meaning in rule tag.

## Again, you probably mean action made per nweek.

> Players may make a "rule tag move action".  This is a rule tag action
> [[obviously]].  Valid moves are as follows:
> (i) If eir current RTL is null, then ey may choose any rule number.
> (ii) Ey may choose the rule number of a rule that defines one of the
> game terms used in eir current RTL rule.
> (iii) Ey may choose the rule number of a rule that uses one of the
> game terms defined in the current RTL rule.
> (iv) Ey may choose null.  [[But this costs you points, see below.]]
> For the purposes of rule tag, a "game term" is a term used in the
> rules with one specific meaning within the game.  A specific meaning
> can have more than one game term associated with it, but a game term
> can only have one specific meaning.
> For the purposes of rule tag, a rule that defines a game term is a
> rule that explains what that specific meaning is. More than one rule
> can define a single game term.

## "More than one rule can define a single game term."... err, what?

> As part of the rule tag move action, the player must clearly show eir
> current RTL, new RTL and the game term that links them.
> [[The rule tag moderator gets to decide if this is a valid move.]]

## I would un-comment that last line, and possibly rephrase. I know
you give the moderator this power under their rule, but redundancy
isnt necessarily bad.

> A player may make a "rule tag grab" rule tag action.  This must
> include the name of the RTO ey wishes to grab and how many points ey
> wishes to spend.  Ey may not declare more points than ey has.  Ey may
> not declare less than 0 points.
> If an RTO has been grabbed by a player then it moves whenever the
> player moves, and to the same RTL.  The player is said to be "in
> possession" of the RTO.
> If the player has possession of an RTO then ey may make a "rule tag
> drop" rule tag action.  Ey must name the object ey is dropping.
> At the end of the nweek, after passed proposals have been enacted into
> the rules, the rule tag moderator changes the state of each player and
> object as follows and in the order shown:
> 1) Players who made rule tag move actions have their RTL changed to
> their new location.
> 2) Players who made rule tag drop actions are no longer in possession
> of the RTO that they dropped.
> 3) All rule tag grab actions are resolved.  Firstly, any grab actions
> where the player and the RTO have different RTL's are declared invalid
> and play no more part in the game.
> Then, for each RTO in turn:
> (i) If the RTO is in possession, it is dropped, and nothing else
> happens to it this turn.

## so if player A has an RTO, and player B grabs it, it is dropped?
(assuming they all have the same RTL)

> (ii) Otherwise if there is only one grab action for the RTO, then the
> player gains possession.

## which player? (yes, I know, the one who performed the action...
best to be clear, though!.)

> (iii) Otherwise, if of all the players who declared a grab action on
> this RTO, there is a player who declared more points than any other;
> then that player gains possession and loses the number of points ey
> declared.
> [[So if two players make a grab for the same RTO then the one that
> declared the most points gets the RTO and loses the points; and
> nothing happens to the other.]]
## And what happens if there isnt such a player?

> 4) Players on the same (non-null) RTL as another player lose or gain
> points based on their elemental precedence.  This works as follows:
> Earth beats
> Water; Water beats Fire; Fire beats Air; Air beats Earth; all other
> combinations are neutral.  Players on the same RTL as another player
> and with a losing elemental precedence to them, give that player 15
> points.
> [[So given three players with elements Earth, Air and Fire, on the
> same RTL: Air gives Fire 15 points; Earth gives Air 15 points.]]
## It might be better, rather than saying "gives"  (which suggests
some voluntary action on a player part, and leads to the ambiguous
situation where a player has less than 15 points to "give"), to say
"loses" and "gains".  And what about when there are several players?
does the elemental thing happen pair-wise?

> 5) Players who moved to null this turn lose 10 points.
> 6) Players whose RTL no longer points to a valid rule have their RTL
> set to null and lose 25 points.
> 7) Players whose RTL points to a rule that has just changed lose 10 points.
> Rule tag is a sub-game, if such a term has meaning in the Rules; but
> where this rule conflicts with any other rule regarding sub-games,
> then this rule takes precedence.
> }}
> Create a new rule titled "rule tag invalid paths"
> {{
> The following game terms are not valid for use as game terms in the
> game of rule tag: "Object", "Game Object", "Player".
> }}
> Create a new rule titled "rule tag moderation":
> {{
> There will be a post titled "Rule Tag Moderator".  Ey may also be
> known as "The Bearer of the Wobbly Hat of Justice."
## I mat be missing a reference here, but I dont like the "of Justice"
bit, as, well, it aint "of Justice", its of Rule Tag!

> Restrictions: The rule tag moderator may not make rule tag actions by
> emailing the rule tag moderator.
## so we are saying the moderator cant play rule tag? somewhat unfair,
perhaps. Or perhaps not. Could go either way!

> Responsibilities:
> 1) To inform a player if they have made an invalid rule tag action.
> 2) To post a notification to the public forum no earlier than nday 10
> and no later than nday 2, showing:
> (i) valid rule tag actions made by each player.
> (ii) Each players' current RTL and element.
> 3) To post a notification to the public forum no later than nday 2 showing:
> (i) The changes in score of each player due to rule tag.
> (ii) The location of each RTO and who, if anyone, is in possession of it.
> (iii) Any other rule tag specific changes of state.
> [[Note that (2) and (3) could be a single post.]]
> Powers:
> 1) The rule tag moderator is the arbiter as to who loses points and
> gains them as a result of the game of rule tag.
> 2) The rule tag moderator is the arbiter of what constitutes a valid
> rule tag action and what the result of a rule tag action is.
> 3) The rule tag moderator is the arbiter of any other game event or
> object solely regarding the sub-game of rule tag.
> In the exectution of these powers ey must not break the Rules.
> Censure: If in a given week the post holder fails to post the required
> notifications by nday 2, ey shall lose 20 points.
> Award: 10 points per week.
> }}
> Create a new rule "rule tag basketball":
> {{
> There is an RTO "rule tag ball".
> There is an RTO "rule tag goal".
> At the end of the nweek, after passed proposals have been enacted into
> the rules, if a player is in possession of the ball and in the same
> RTL as the goal then the following things happen:
> 1) The player in possession of the rule tag ball gains 25 points.
> 2) Both the rule tag ball and the rule tag goal become no longer in
> possession of any player; they are relocated to two different
> (non-null) RTL's, chosen at random by the rule tag moderator.
> }}
> When [[if!]] this proposal is passed, the rule tag moderator must
> assign random (but non-null) starting RTL's to all RTO's.
> --
> Don't tell me what the poets are doing
> Don't tell me that they're talking tough
> Don't tell me that they're antisocial
> Somehow not antisocial enough...

## I wont, but it might be better to show that your signiture is not
part of the proposal (you may think this is obvious, but we have had
attempts in the past to sneekily include a signiture of "I win"
included as part of a proposal...;)

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