Antonio Dolcetta on Thu, 14 Dec 2006 16:34:14 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] dice server enhancements

On 14 Dec 2006, at 23:51, Joel Uckelman wrote:

> At long last, I've returned to do some more work on the dice roller.
> The plan is to augment the syntax so the Bones programs can be rolled,
> just like in my web-based roller (see for the
> roller, and for the reference for  
> Bones).
> Based on some comments Wonko made nearly a year ago, and some more  
> recent
> ones by Antonio, I gather there there are three things you guys would
> like:
> 1. Execution of programs in text:
>    Wonko {{if d2 == 1 then "gains" else "loses"}} 12HP.

That would be uber cool, but how would you manage cases where there  
are more than two choices ? To go this way rapidly turns it into it's  
own programming language. Which is not a bad idea per se, but there  
has to be a real advantage over simply using <insert you own  
favourite programming language here>

> How do you find the syntax?

looks a cross between perl and python, that's fine by me :-D

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