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Re: [s-d] [s-b] $wgLogo

> > I'd like to raise my own request for judgement to get this sorted:
> > {{Statement: Should a player be called upon to judge an RFJ that is
> > not valid according to the rules, then e may declare it invalid.  E
> > does not need to render judgement, since it is not an RFJ as defined
> > in the rules.}}
> I don't quite understand what this RFJ is supposed to tell us, but
> it's RFJ 7, assigned to Wild Card.

My intent was to clarify what should happen if someone submits an RFJ
which is not valid under the rules, for example: "statement: I am a
long case clock".  Which has nothing to do with Bnomic, true or false,
so isn't a valid RFJ.

I confess I'm a little bemused as to the reaction to my judgement.
You are all free - and welcome - to comment on my judgement of course.
 But there seems little point in suggesting that I have judged
incorrectly.  I haven't broken any rules, and if you think I have, you
should submit an RFJ.

Lets just play ball, shall we?
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