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Re: [s-d] [s-b] And now for something completely different

> An Attribute is a game object, defined in the rules.  Each Attribute has
> a Scope, a Range, and a Default Value.

Scope: I should have done that.  Quite right.

> Each element of the Scope of an Attribute possesses an Instance of that
> Attribute.

Wait, wait, wait.  "scope", "range", "element", "instance" ... I'm
confused.  Can we start again?

> If it does not possess one, one is created immediately.

Which it?  One what?  ...Maybe I'm confused enough already.  Can we
maybe skip over explaining this bit and come to it later?

> If a Game Object outside the Scope of an Attribute possesses an Instance of
> that Attribute, the Instance in question is destroyed immediately.

Destroyed?  Oh, wait.  But an instance isn't a game object.  An
attribute is a game object.  Can you destroy something that's not a
game object?  If it's not a game object does it even exist?    ...I
think maybe I want to skip this part too.

> Instances of an Attribute have a Value, which is a member of the Range
> of the Attribute.

"value" and "member" to, huh?  Where did I leave those pills...

> For brevity, the value of an instance of an attribute of some object may
> be referred to as the value of that attribute on the object in question.

Um, brevity, right.   Say, you at the back there!  Can you make any
sense out of this.....?!
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