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[s-d] Coding on mediawiki

(Again, shoot me down folks, I'm just suggesting here:)

I've just posted an "I'm a programmer but I have very little time free
or experience of this sort of thing" message.

And then I noticed that lots of other people have done extactly the same thing.

My 2c (2p, actually): (1) we should commit to as little work as we can
get away with.  (2) we should break it up into VERY small blocks.  (3)
we should get organised.

So -

(1) we need to agree on the minimum we need to add to mediawiki to
make a comfortable gaming experience.

For me I think a dice roller, a calendar and a clock will do it.
Anything else is just icing.  But then I'm not the admin!  Peter, what
else do you need?

(There's a calendar plugin at,

(2) We need to agree on a common language (I think, anyway).

On a very brief review of mediawiki it seems to me that most of it is
done in PHP.  Which I guess is as good as anything.  If we're going to
be organised we should probably all agree to code in the same thing.
It probably doesn't matter what; (Peter?  This is your site?  Are
there any limits to our options?);  but allow me to suggest PHP.

(3) Only then can we agree how to break it up into very small blocks.

Again, just noodling here.  What do you lot think?

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