David E. Smith on Mon, 5 Jun 2006 19:10:23 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [s-d] bnomic.org status

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Joel Uckelman wrote:

> Odd coincidence: On Thursday, a bad fan resulted in the near total loss of
> the hardware which hosts nomic.net. We're back up now, though.

If only it were a fan...

Gentoo Linux is, I've decided, junk. Despite following all their
documentation to the letter (as near as I can recall), about every other
time I've upgraded Apache, it somehow scribbled over httpd.conf and I'd
have to reconstruct it from memory. Anyway, last week, we had a power
outage, and I safely shut phoenix (the machine hosting bnomic.org) down.
It didn't appear to come back up; I thought maybe it just overwrite its
net-up scripts. Nope, it somehow overwrote the whole root filesystem.

Seriously, fsck'ing it put literally the whole contents of that drive in
the lost+found directory. (The /home partition, on another disk, was
amazingly safe, and that's where most of the good stuff was.)

I'm not sure if the bnomic.org Wiki even uses the database; the 'bnomic'
home directory is about 60 megs, tarred and gzipped. It may just be
dumping everything in flat files or somethin'. Honestly, I dunno.

I've got the machine back up and running (on Debian this time, since I
can't find any Linux distributions other than those two that support
Sparc hardware AND have been updated in the last few years), so I
suppose I can continue hosting bnomic.org if desired. Either way,
whoever's running the show (Wonko?) will have to put in a bit of work to
get everything working again.

Since this piece of hardware has proven to be a bit flaky in the past,
it's probably better if bnomic.org migrate over, assuming Joel's willing
to host it.

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