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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] Superpowers: Dead or Alive?

At one point Eugene wanted a system where we could propose "Quests", and the quests would all sit there until somebody finished them. Whoever completed a quest first got some big bonus for it, and the Quest was destroy. The upside to this is that it keeps the goals interesting ("kill everyone in under an nweek" gets old after the first time or two), but the downside is that we have to keep coming up with new goals.

Another thing I'd enjoy playing is a game of Capture the Flag across the House. We'd have to put some thought into the structure of the House, but it could get very interesting, especially with superpowers and interesting Room Ordinances.

My third suggestion is to create a bunch of "Nemesis" SuperPowers. No more than one can ever exist in the House at a time. The Nemesis powers would all be absurdly powerful, but all the other players would get a big group bonus if the Nemesis were destroyed, so we'd all want to gang up on the Nemesis. With enough different Nemesis powers, we could get a number of nearly unique subgames out of this.

Anyway, that's my 2.5 cents (.5 because the first suggestion isn't really mine).


On Feb 13, 2006, at 11:23 PM, Jake Eakle wrote:

Ah! Wonko! I was wondering if you were still alive.

I have been looking over all the house-related stuff, and it seems what we are lacking is a goal, of any sort whatsoever, really. Yeah, I guess if you beat someone up you can get their stuff, but that stuff can only really help
you beat more people up.

I guess a few of the Talismans and Rooms can affect other parts of the game (voting, for example), but these seem limited in scope and not really worth
the effort of fighting for.

Perhaps we need a set of rewards for killing people beyond what they were carrying, or stuff in the house to fight over. For instance, maybe once every nweek a treasure could spawn in a random room and everyone would have to race to get there and get it and defend it and get it out, or to another room, or something. I haven't worked out any details, but something along
these lines might help get people interested in actually doing stuff.

Another good thing might be for there to be a way to Win. It should be
really hard (Kill everyone else at least once within an nweek, or own one of every talisman, or... something.) but it should exist, just so there is an
overall goal to strive for.

If I get a chunk of time, I'll sit down and try to beat some of these ideas into a Motion, but until then, if anyone else wants to steal them they are
very welcome to.


On 2/13/06, Daniel Lepage <dpl33@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The "Superpowers" page is from a previous, failed attempt to get a
superpower system off the ground.

The "SuperPowers" page is the current attempt to get a superpower
system off the ground.

So far this attempt also seems to be failing, due to a general lack
of House activity. In my case, this stems from not having enough time
to actually look over everything to do with the House to figure out
what I can do and what I might want to do. If I had more time, I'd
try to find a better way to represent the state of the House so that
everyone could easily see everything they can do, but lacking such
time, I'm waiting in the hopes that somebody else will come up with
such a representation.


On Feb 13, 2006, at 10:11 PM, comex wrote:

On 2/13/06, Jake Eakle <jseakle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
They are in the rules, but the list is filed under historical, and
refer to things that don't exist anymore. Should the rule be
gotten rid of?
Or should a new set be created?

I believe that there are two lists on the wiki: SuperPowers and
Superpowers.  Or something like that.  One is current, one is not.
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