Mark Walsh on Wed, 8 Feb 2006 20:22:18 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Peter votes

On: 2/8/06 3:36:50 PM Peter sent:
> Subject: [s-b] [auto] Peter votes
> Motion 352/1: Lighting Invalidation Generates Heavy Trepidation : Against
> Sorry, I should have mentioned this all earlier... Our game has some
precedent that a statement like "While a Room is Internally Lit, its
Lighting Level is increased by one." would mean that the entire time that
the Room is being Internaly Lit, the Lighting Level is being constantly
increased by one, basically making it infinite very quickly. You can ask
Wonko for the details, or search the mailing list archives for him sometime
this past year explaining the DimShip Crisis to all of us.
> In general, though, I think this lighting level thing is a good idea. I
might not even have a concept of Internally Lit, and just instead put a
light bulb with a luminosity of 1 in each room or something, and maybe set
the litness of each room to the sum of the luminosities of the game objects
in the room, or something like that.
Hmm. This is disturbing. I hadn't considered
that semantic interpretation.


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