Peter Cooper Jr. on Sun, 22 Jan 2006 19:46:48 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: "Other Game Documents"

I removed the links to BTidy and SystemsOfRandomChance from the front
page of the wiki, since I'll assume they left when the rules defining
them did. (If things stuck around after the rules defining them left,
our game would be in a heap of trouble right now.)

B-Dict is defined by r9-15, and HowToRollDice is defined by r1-8.
The QuoteBook was created by my proposal 144, and nothing has happened
to the book since, so I guess it's still around. I don't feel like I
have a very good justification for keeping it around, but not anything
else that isn't defined by the rules. But otherwise, p144 wouldn't
have done anything, and I don't see how one would argue for that using
the rules at the time.

So, I think that there's room for improvement somewhere in defining
what is and isn't part of the game, and I kind of want things to
derive from the rules somehow, except that I kind of want to just have
rooms later that just exist on their own, and the rules don't need to
define what it is other than a game object with abilities.

This is an interesting game.

Peter C.
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