Peter Cooper Jr. on Fri, 13 Jan 2006 21:25:20 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: [auto] Antonio amends p337

Antonio has amended p337.:
> Motion 337/1: A New Transmogrifier Hereby Increases Laughter Level
> == The Transmogrifier Room ==
> Description: The room is empty, except for a large glowing crystal box
> in
> the center. There are small footprints on the ground, as if something
> or someone tiny just passed.

There's a tradition of including a painting in the House rooms,
although I doubt anyone would vote against this just because of that.

> Ordinances: this room is always lit.
> by entering this room you loose 1 point from a random stat.

If I may play Grammar Nazi for a bit, sentences start with capital
letters, and I think you mean "lose" instead of "loose".

> players in this room have:
> {{Lose 1 point from every stat: You may exchange your superpower with
> a random superpower which is not held by another player, if there are
> no such free superpowers, or you hold no superpower, nothing
> happens.}}

Interestingly enough, right now, players can't play abilities on
themselves. They can just play abilities on things they have or things
they are in (such as rooms).

So, if I were me, I'd word your ordinances like this:
If this room would become dark, it becomes lit instead.

When a player enters this room, e loses 1 point from a random stat.

Lose 1 point from each of your stats: If you hold a superpower and
there exists a superpower not held a player, you gain a random such
superpower and lose your other superpowers.

But that's just how I'd word them. My way is certainly not the only
way of handling those.

Peter C.
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