Peter Cooper Jr. on Sun, 1 Jan 2006 20:04:37 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: HH Actions

"Mark Walsh" <flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> The assertion "my Nimbleness was incremented by one."
> cannot be evaluated with finality and certainty because,
> as of the occurance of the assertion, no dice had been rolled.
> It is, in fact, impossible for the dice roll called for in the Action
> of Training to occur at a time earlier than the assertion is made

Hmmm. Well, this certainly seems like a reasonable take on the matter,
and it keeps the game from breaking, so I don't intend to contest it.

However, this brings to light that we don't have specified how we
determine randomness or how we roll dice. We must have gotten rid of
that at some point. It might be a good idea to put something in there,
lest someone get ideas about rolling dice in other manners.

> (except perhaps in some Einsteinian existence).
> [[ Let there be light speed! ]]

I really hope our game never has to deal with that. :)

> [[ I will admit that the ruse was highly creative, and kudos for that! ]]

Thank you. I guess my transaction rule was better than I thought. :)

Peter C.
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